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Medica EasyLyte Na/K/CL/Li Analyzer

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Medica EasyLyte Na/K/CL/Li Analyzer

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Medica's EasyLyte analyzers are completely automated,



Medica's EasyLyte analyzers are completely automated, microprocessor controlled electrolyte systems that use current ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology to make electrolyte measurements. Medica EasyLyte Na/K/CL/Li Analyzer measures various combinations of sodium, potassium, chloride & lithium in whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine.

Medica incorporates state-of-the-art electronics and innovative ergonomic design features.

EasyLyte analyzers combine easy Yes/No prompted operation, simple maintenance, and reliability into one economical design.

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Extensive QC and Patient Data Storage: Convenient access and storage of quality control data. Patient histories are immediately accessible for re-evaluation.

Modular Design: Extremely easy to maintain and repair, minimizing analyzer downtime.

Modular Solution Pack: Handling of waste is eliminated, minimizing contact with biohazardous material. The 800 mL  reagent pack provides the additional cost efficiency of up to 1330 tests per pack.

Automatic Probe Wiping: Contact with patient sample is minimized, reducing exposure to biohazardous material. The frequency of probe occlusion is diminished and down time is reduced.

Sample: Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, or Urine
Sample Size: 100 ml Whole Blood, Serum or Plasma, 400 ml diluted (1:10) Urine
Detection Range:
        Na+: 20-200 mmol/L, K+: 0.2-40 mmol/L, Cl-: 25-200 mmol/L, Li+: 0.2-5.0 mmol/L
        Na+: 25-1000 mmol/L (undiluted), K+: 1.0-500 mmol/L (undiluted), Cl-: 25-500 mmol/L (undiluted)
Analysis Time: 55 sec (Blood) 90 sec (Urine)
Data Storage: 125 patient results, Three levels of QC results
Calibration: Automatic or On-Demand
Resolution: Na+: 0.10 mmol/L, K+: 0.01 mmol/L, Li+: 0.01 mmol/L
Reproducibility Typical Within Run (n=20):
   Blood, Serum, Plasma:
        Na+: CV ≤ 1% (80-200 mmol/L)
        K+: CV ≤ 2% (1-10 mmol/L)
        Cl-: CV ≤ 2% (80-200 mmol/L)
        Li+: SD ≤ 0.03 mmol/L (0.2-2.0 mmol/L)
        Na+: CV ≤ 5% (80-200 mmol/L)
        K+: CV ≤ 5% (1-10 mmol/L)
        Cl-: CV ≤ 5% (80-200 mmol/L)
Output: 32 place alphanumeric display, 40 column printer, Serial port (RS-232)
Ambient Conditions: 15-32 C (60-90 F), ≤ 85% humidity
Power: 100-115 ~VAC 50/60 Hz, 0.8 A or 220 ~VAC 50/60 HZ, 0.4 A
Size and Weight: 9.5 in. (24 cm) W x 16.5 in. (42 cm) H x 8.0 in. (20 cm) D, 13 lbs. (5.8 kg)

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Medica EasyLyte Na/K/CL/Li Analyzer