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Kodak Carestream DirectView Vita CR System

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Kodak Carestream DirectView Vita CR System

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Affordable. Compact. High Quality. Small wonder.

The Vita CR System is ideal for small hospitals, clinics and specialty practices - and its portability and durability meets the demeands for mobile applications and military operations. The Z-cart option allows the system to be easily shared between the rooms and the pictures can be seen closer to the point of patient care. For all these applications, it is the new system of choice.

Advantages at a glance:

At only 79 pounds. - It is smaller and lighter than other CR solutions
Affordable entry the most of your budget
Provides high quality images for review and accurate diagnosis
Easy installation gets you up and running quickly
Intuitive interface means minimal training time
Unsurpassed compatibility allows simple integration into your current workflow
Portable and durable for use in extreme conditions and a wide variety of applications

Affordable Digital Imaging and main benefits:

The Vita CR System is the answer. Provides digital images at an affordable price, so you can offer your patients pictures of the house with a quick turnaround time and accurate diagnosis, which leads to a higher level of care. These benefits contribute to the successful and profitable operation of their facilities and practice.

A smooth transition and easy

With multiple image quality preset "looks", is quick and easy to select and standardize their specific default picture preferences.

Save time and money with a wide range of system sizes of cassettes and phosphor screen - say goodbye to flm acquisition costs and chemicals, supplies storage, mixing, and plumbing. The system is easy to maintain, and - fewer parts make maintenance a breeze and reduces service time.

Accelerated workflow, increased productivity

An intuitive interface allows new users become experts in a hurry - you will see a reduced learning curve and reduced training time. In addition, a new feature of "Smart Erase" allows rapid and complete removal of latent images in all exposure levels. This feature improves operator productivity and reduces cycle time between scans, especially for the lower dose exams.

Extreme versatility

The system responds to a wide range of specialized applications. Because of its durability, sealed design and ability to withstand rough handling and temperature / humidity extremes, military operations around the world can rely on the Vita CR system. Mobile units are particularly the benefits of its light weight, portability, and ability to fit easily in vans or trailers.

Option Long-Length Imaging

The Vita CR system also offers an optional solution to produce images of great length (LLI). This easy to use accessory allows Carestream Vita CR readers to capture and process high-quality digital images of the anatomical regions longer - increasing workflow and productivity. It easily handles the examinations of the spine that require images too large for screen "x 17" typical 14, using a 14 "x 33" (35 x 84 cm) tape taht weighs only 10.8 lbs. (4.9 kg). You can also choose accessories such as a portable cart with integrated network, a wall bracket with mains filters and beam attenuation.

Total Quality Tool Option

Imaging tests and objective measures of quality control with ease using the intuitive interface used to examiniations with the option of total quality tools. You are able to check their equipment is operating within normal operating specficiations and export data to a spreadsheet application standard for review, analysis and record keeping.

Image Option Carestream Software Suite

An affordable CR software package specifically designed for smaller facilities looking for a solution "mini-PACS". Image Suite provides high quality images while streamlining your workflow management including capturing images, visualization, processing, printing and storing your images.

 Includes: · DIRECTVIEW CR Scanner – 44 pph 14x17” · KIP (Kodak Image Processing) Software · PACS Pro™ Acquisition Software: · DICOM Store/Send, View & QC Images · Patient Worklist · Multi‐Patient CD/DVD Burning · Eight Unique DICOM Tags · Two (2) 14 x 17 Cassettes · CR Scanner Acquisition PC Specs: · Dell PC: 320GB, 2GB RAM, 16X DVD+/‐ RW · Dual Core E2220 Processors, 2.5 GHz min. · 19” Wide Screen 1.3MP LCD, Graphics Card · Windows 7 SMALL WONDER

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Kodak Carestream DirectView Vita CR System